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Save costs and improve efficiency with QuickBooks Desktop Hosting

Cloud hosting is the future of applications. Most modern-day applications are delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS has its own set of benefits, which includes lesser investment, better accessibility, improved availability, and flexible maintenance. This is why most enterprise applications are hosted on the cloud. Intuit which is one of the major vendors for financial applications is not behind as well. Intuit allows online hosting of QuickBooks Desktop, which helps in saving costs and boosting overall efficiency. In this article, we will discuss how QuickBooks desktop hosting can bring a wide range of improvements to your business.


Intuit Hosting Program


Now you can host your QuickBooks desktop online with Intuit Hosting program. This is one of the premium cloud initiatives of Intuit, that allows its customer to be on the cloud in a hassle-free manner. With this program, you can not only host QuickBooks desktop online but also store the data files on the servers provided by the service providers. With this, customers can access QuickBooks desktop anywhere at any time, securely. You can host the following versions of Quick Desktop online:


  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  • QuickBooks Accountant Desktop
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale


Why you should consider QuickBooks Desktop Hosting?

There are many reasons why you should QuickBooks Desktop Hosting. We will discuss some of these reasons here.

Minimal Maintenance cost: One of the most significant expenses which most businesses incur is maintenance costs. These are the costs that are incurred in maintaining the office IT infrastructure. This includes maintenance of high-end desktops, additional storage devices, accessories, etc. With QuickBooks desktop hosting, you can cut down the maintenance costs by more than half. With cloud-based hosting, no need to maintain high-end IT infrastructure, as application hosting and processing will take place on the cloud. One can access it with lightweight client devices such as mobiles, tablets, and even low-end desktops. More importantly, employees can even access QuickBooks Desktop on the go, through their mobile devices, whenever they want. This saves their valuable time. With the online hosting of QuickBooks Desktop, the requirement of maintaining a high-end infrastructure is largely eliminated, which directly reduces the maintenance cost.


Reduced expenditure on IT: For a complete IT infrastructure in the organization, there are multiple expenses. One is the maintenance cost which we already discussed in our last section. Apart from that, an organization has to maintain a helpdesk team or support team, spend on the extension of hardware contracts, spend on upgrades and extension of IT infrastructure. Moving to online hosting save all these costs. For example, you are running out of storage to store the QuickBooks Desktop files and data. If QuickBooks Desktop is installed on-premise, then you have to buy a new storage box, which will consume additional and incur huge costs. On top of that, it will take some time to get delivered, once the order is placed. With QuickBooks Desktop hosting, you can order storage on the go, and you can avail of the storage instantly. Moreover, it will be much cheaper than physical storage. With the QuickBooks Desktop Hosting, there is no need to maintain a large helpdesk team, no need to spend on hardware upgrades, and no need to extend the hardware contracts.


Improved Security: In the current era, some hackers can bypass some of the best security frameworks at ease. As a result, organizations are spending a lot on strengthening security. This includes strategic investment in hardware and software to develop a security parameter. Strong security is not only costly but also not a full-proof security solution. With QuickBooks desktop hosting, there will be multi-tier security architecture, which is very difficult to breach even for the best hackers. You get robust security at no extra cost, and also you don’t spend heavily on your on-prem security. With QuickBooks Desktop hosting you not only save on your security expenditures but also get robust security. The CSPs( Cloud Service Providers) regularly install periodic updates and patches to cover any loopholes in the security. They also implement multiple tools to prevent security breaches, this includes IDPS applications, MFAs (Multi-Factor Authentications), and AI-enabled screening.


Improved Efficiency: With QuickBooks Desktop hosting there is a wide improvement in efficiency. Employees can access QuickBooks desktop anywhere, at any time. They don’t need to rely on dedicated hardware to access QuickBooks desktop. They can even access it on the go. This improves overall productivity and drives efficiency. Also, in an event of downtime as a result of hardware failure, employees can switch over to their own devices, which includes mobiles and tablets, and can carry on with their tasks. This means with QuickBooks Desktop Hosting, the business doesn’t halt even if there is downtime. The user collaboration also becomes efficient. For example, Accountants can easily collaborate with other team members for preparing financial statements, even if the team members are located in different places. Users can even exchange files over cloud storage. Users can also share files centrally, by storing them in a centralized cloud repository. With QB desktop hosting multiple users can collaborate, at the same time, with ease.



QuickBooks Desktop hosting allows the users to leverage the true capability of cloud platforms. This includes scalability, availability, and also improved performance. Organizations can save costs at least 50 percent, by enabling QuickBooks desktop hosting. Not to mention, it allows much-improved availability of the application, with improved efficiency.

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