Data Centers

Data centers are huge spaces or buildings which are capable of occupying the huge amount of computer systems and its associated components such as the storage systems and telecommunications. It also occupies backup components and infrastructure for continuous power supply, data communications and other related components required.

We at Availclouds provide the best data security to our clients through our data centers which provide 99.9% uptime. They are absolutely safe and are efficient enough in securing company applications and data. The data centers are SAS70 certified and are located in several geographical areas to ensure that even if one data center is down in an area, the other centres are there to provide good quality and on time service to our clients.

Our data centers provide seamless access to the hosted application and files. The data centers are capable of providing high performance computing with SSD storage. This enables smooth business operation. It enables anyone to work from any device on any application or file.

Our data centers at Availclouds also make it a certainty that there is an uninterrupted availability of hosted applications through redundancy with multiple layers. These multiple layers ensure that the network provides high speed performance. Also, the 24×7 support service through chat, call and mail is an additional advantage for the clients.

We have got in our arsenal experienced and highly skilled engineers in our data centers who are expert in monitoring the servers and update status of each server for quality performance. They also ensure that data security is maintained properly. This helps in improving proper access to connectivity in order to corroborate enhanced cloud experience.