Lacerate Hosting

Lacerate Hosting

Manage your tax operations with Lacerate tax solution. Build up company performance with this accounting software. Carry out all tax and accounting tasks with Lacerate hosting on cloud. Online hosted Lacerate accounting software updates are quicker and faster. Login on any device and manage accounts and finances. File tax returns, manage VAT, payments received, payroll and all account task with Lacerate solution.

Make Lacerate Hosting solution preferred account management software. Choose this and simplify accounts and finances.

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Access to Lacerate hosting solution gives customers/users access of tax management. Make best use of this software for company business to operate accounts, taxes and VAT. Get your business simplified with this accounting software. CPAs, tax professionals, CA collaborate on tax preparation. Fast and quick to file tax returns from anywhere, anytime. Login to Lacerate hosting application and stay ahead of all your work. With this accounting software, simple tax management task for your accounts and finances. Full technical support, data back-up on cloud and business on the go.

Access accounts on any device mobile, laptop or computer

Online hosted is easy access anytime anywhere

Secure access to accounts

Only authorized access to users.

Login to get updates on dashboards.

Customized services on demand.

Why Availclouds Lacerte Hosting?

Lacerte hosting is the only solution on the market that allows you to work seamlessly with your clients, never sacrificing quality or time. We take care of all the hosting, backup, and maintenance so you can focus on what you do best – tax preparation. Lacerte is proud to offer rock-solid stability, maximum usability, and maximum security for your data.


Our Cloud Hosting lets each of its user to access and use their hosted application without any difficulty. Our services compatible with various platform and operating systems.

Scalable Platform

Hosting application platform is highly scalable to perfectly serves the customers needs. Every users will be provided useful resource for online data storage which helps in delivering efficient services

User-Friendly Environment

Our Terminal serves comes with most popular server operating system which will offer you most user friendly environment to work on.

Dedicated Apps Server

A dedicated Virtual server will help you in managing your Tax & Accounting work in most quick and easy way.