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How to Upgrade QuickBooks to the Latest release effortlessly.

QuickBooks is a great accounting and bookkeeping software that allows you to manage your business’s financial and accounting tasks. If utilized correctly, the most recent version of QuickBooks can help you achieve the business’s goals. Whether you operate a small or medium-sized business, upgrading to this cutting-edge accounting software ensures that you have the latest version of QuickBooks desktop 2022. Of course, if you’re already a user, you’ll want to stay current on any new services or features.

But want to know how to get all the benefits without getting all worked up? We got you covered. Here you’ll get all your doubts cleared.

What’s new in the latest QuickBooks?

Advanced 64-bit processing
QuickBooks Desktop 2022 supports the entire 64-bit processing power. Make sure you understand how this improves stability and performance. Choose a more efficient version of QuickBooks to do your accounting responsibilities more quickly.

Webgility’s e-commerce solution for QuickBooks
In QuickBooks, you can keep track of your income from various selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. Streamline e-commerce administration and acquire a better understanding of your company’s profitability using this tool.

Faster bill payment and scheduling
Pay bills via a bank transfer, credit card, or debit card in QuickBooks. Bank wires or paper checks are the most common payment methods for vendors.

The procedure of approving a bill
Pay your bills with confidence. Customizable bill approval procedures may help improve cash flow and increase transparency.

Automated bill entry and personalized payment slips
Bills delivered by email or the mobile app for QuickBooks Desktop may be automatically entered into the system, saving you valuable time. It’s as simple as importing and reviewing. In addition, QuickBooks now includes bill payment stubs as an additional form type that may be customized. By sending your suppliers a confirmation of your order, you may maintain professional and regular contacts.

Upload files here
Using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app, you may quickly and easily attach documents to transactions.

Select from a variety of potential customers.
Using batch emails, you may include several customers. Use a list of customers or vendors to choose the recipients for your communications swiftly. Automate the process of manually entering email addresses.

Instant money transfer
When a consumer pays you, you’ll get your money right away. Even on the weekends, holidays, and late evenings.

Links to payment processors
Send a payment link to customers who don’t need an invoice to quickly and easily collect payments.

QuickBooks Upgrades types:

Desktop versions –
● QuickBooks Pro
● QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks Enterprise

Online versions-
● QuickBooks Online
● QuickBooks Essentials
● QuickBooks Plus

Difference between QuickBooks update and upgrade-

When errors or glitches are discovered in QuickBooks, it is necessary to provide an update. For this reason, you get stern warnings to upgrade to the most recent version of your software. You’ll be able to work without interruption thanks to these new features.

Purchasing a new section of QuickBooks software is well explained by Upgrades for QuickBooks. At Intuit, there are several QuickBooks products to choose from. Every year, Intuit releases a new edition of its desktop software to the market almost without fail. To take advantage of all the new features and functions that have been successfully incorporated into QuickBooks, you will need to update the program.

Process of Upgrading

Step:1 Back-Up your present QuickBooks version

● Before anything else, you need to take a backup of the current version.
● Open QuickBooks, the most recent version.
● Use the Admin user account to view the company’s file.
● Next, click the File menu at the upper left of the page.
● With your mouse, choose the Backup Company option.
● Select the Create Local Backup option once you’ve visited the Backup Company tab.
● Make sure you’re on the Create Backup screen.
● You will be presented with various alternatives for where to store your company’s backup files.

Step- 2: Upgrade your QuickBooks

There are two options for Upgrading- Manual and Automatic.

Manual Upgrade

● Log in to your Windows Computer and Administrator
● Take a look at Intuit’s official website and get the latest version of QuickBooks.
● There’s nothing more to it than the downloaded file’s location when you get to the “QuickBooks Upgrade Path.”
● To complete the installation, you’ll be asked to double-click on the downloaded life, which will open the installation procedure.

Automatic update

Setting up automatic updates or scheduling future automatic updates are two approaches to conducting the automated procedure.

Set Up Automatic Updates

● Go to the “Help menu” in QuickBooks.
● Wait for the “Update QuickBooks” box after clicking “Update QuickBooks.”
● The download will start after you select the” get Updates” option
● Accept the option if prompts appear to install the updated release

Schedule future automatic updates

If you want to pause the download or skip it now, you can schedule it for later.
● From the menu bar, choose “Help.”
● From the drop-down option, select “Update QuickBooks Desktops.”
● Return to the settings tab.
● Then, to allow automatic updates, click “Yes.”
● Finally, select the “close” option.

Step- 3: Upgrade your Company Profile

Use multiuser mode in the beginning to be the only one with access.
● Select “Open and restore company file” from the Final menu.
● Select the same backup that you have before.
● Click Continually go forward with the process.
● Open the company file by clicking on it after that.
● Click the Upgrade button now that you’re signed in as an administrator.
● Follow the wizard’s instructions when it appears on your screen to do this.
● It is time to press the “Finish” button after the Upgrading is complete.

How to upgrade the latest QuickBooks effortlessly?

Given are the procedures that’ll consume your time and energy. You have to go through several steps and keep track. But there is a way to restore your energy and utilize it to hit your revenue goals. Invest in QuickBooks hosting. Your hosting provider will upgrade automatically.


QuickBooks smoothens the bottlenecks of finance in your business journey. Upgrade it to unlock its updated helpful features to accelerate your business growth.

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